Ide untuk menjadi indonesia lebih baik bro

The young generation can not mimic the mistakes made by previous generations. History is very important to learn not to fall into the same abyss. Super young generation who should be fast asleep us bangungkan that this nation can progress toward pesar much better with a variety of methods such as education, doctrine refined through mass media, through religious outreach, through parents, and others.
Useless master of science and technology without creativity has high ability in order to be different or even superior to other nations. Create the new things positive that can help build the nation Indonesia.
improve the lot of us have to take power from the hands of a wicked person to our people well. After leading be example for all the people not concerned with its own interests and groups. If you are not able to be at least minimally leaders become successful team behind the scenes leader who is reliable, honest, fair, dignified, intelligent, polite, religious, patriotism, etc.
iam young and dangerous people in indonesia country will be angry if my country full judgment by they other nations . iam happy sad love live lie laugh born die in indonesian .

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